• You Must Be 18 Years or Older
  • All Members Living in the Home Must Meet the Animal Prior to Adoption
  • Home Visits May Be Required Depending on the Animal & Pet's History
  • Adoption Applications Must Be Filled out Prior
  • Veterinary References Are Required & Will Be Contacted
  • You Must Provide the Name of Your Current or Potential Veterinary Clinic.

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application

Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting a pet from OOTW.

We usually have plenty of cats and dogs waiting for adoption at any time of all ages and colors. Please plan to consider a range of pets to find the best one for your family.

Adopting from OOTW requires:

  • a Cat or Dog - Adoption Application:
    Placing animals in new homes is a responsibility we take seriously. We want the BEST chance of success possible and the adoption application gives us information about you as a pet owner, so that we can insure the pet you pick fits into your environment.

Please take time in choosing a pet. All pets need a loving, secure home with proper food, water, shelter, exercise and medical care; they also need companionship and supervision. Take into consideration the cost of food and health care as well as the time you have available to spend with your new companion. Consider the needs of the animal as well as your own. We may request that you take a 24-hour thought period to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership.

Our foster parents have spent time with each pet, in a home environment, and we make our decisions based on the individual needs of EACH specific animal.

 If you cannot provide a lifetime home for a pet, PLEASE do not adopt it!

  • an Interview:
    We process the applications as quickly as we can, but we are all volunteers who have full time jobs so sometimes it can take a couple of days before someone contacts you. If you have not been contacted within 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) of completing an application, please contact us at:contact@ootwrescue.org
  • a Cat or Dog Adoption Contract:
    Cat Adoption Contract
    Dog Adoption Contract
    OOTW has invested a great deal of financial and personal resources into the care, treatment and placement of the pets we rescue and OOTW makes that commitment to the pet for life, we expect no less from the adoptive family.

Pets are confused by drastic changes in their homes, lifestyles, etc. Their habits may change with each new owner. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 30 DAYS FOR ANY ANIMAL TO ADJUST TO A NEW HOME. You are new to the animal and they are not sure where they are or how long they will be there.

  • an Adoption Donation Fee:
    We charge a minimal adoption donation of:

$150.00 for dogs
$100.00 for cats

The cost of rescuing a pet is costly and unfortunately, it is unrealistic to expect that the cost and care of each pet rescued by OOTW will be off-set by donations. It is for this reason that an adoption donation is required. The adoption donation is always lower than our initial costs.

Pet ownership is not only a life time commitment but a financial commitment as well, and if you are unable to afford the adoption donation, then chances are you will be unable to afford care for the pet if it falls ill or needs immediate medical attention.

We accept cash and personal checks. 

What's Included in the Adoption Donation Fee:
Adoption Donation Fee includes but is not limited to

  • Some or all vaccinations
  • fecal test
  • heartworm test
  • microchip and microchip placement
  • a spay or neuter
  • and any further care as recommended by the veterinarian.

If age and health permit, we spay or neuter and vaccinate all pets prior to adoption. Some of the pets we rescue require extensive medical care.

OOTW does whatever it takes to ensure that the pets we rescue are at the best possible health prior to adoption.

Out of state, no worries, we have excellent transportation options!
Transportation costs for out-of-state adoptions is additional and not included in the Adoption Donation Fee.

Please contact us if you need help in selecting the pet that's right for you or if you have any questions or problems concerning your pet companion. 

Thanks for considering a rescued pet...they're the best!